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Work Connect Project (WCP), a 501(c)(3) organization, is a project happening right now, addressing the COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic with a big yet time-tested idea: that generous individuals, organizations, and charities will quickly and generously get on board with a uniquely efficient way to help workers who are in dire need.

WCP is a nationwide database of previously-employed workers who have been laid-off as a consequence of COVID-19. WCP can connect to these workers via its smartphone app, enabling displaced workers to:

  • Receive emergency funds immediately via PayPal

  • Be accessible to employers looking to hire new employees to reintegrate these workers into the job force


The need is now. We have assembled a dedicated team ready to quickly, responsibly, and intentionally move forward in bringing to life WCP’s short- and long-term goals to help workers in crisis.

Efficient and Effective Emergency Funds

WCP delivers emergency funds donated by generous individuals, charitable organizations, and possibly even government agencies to recently laid-off workers in need of money. Donations are quickly and securely transmitted to workers' individual PayPal accounts. (For workers without a PayPal account, one will be automatically set up by PayPal when the first payment is initialized.)

All workers in WCP's database have been certified by their former employers as being recently laid-off.

  • The database is sortable by industry, former employer, workplace location, job title, and home zip code.

  • This granularity of data empowers donors to direct their donation to a select group of workers

Work Opportunities

During the crisis or after the crisis, WCP will enable employers to search and connect with workers to hire. This will empower:

  • Workers to get back on the job as soon as possible, and

  • Employers to locate and hire workers when needed.

America has a crisis of good, honest workers without work right now.

They need money to feed their families, pay rent, and stay out of debt.

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Why Work Connect Project?

Proven, Industry-Leading Technology

Work Connect Project's (WCP) core technology has been licensed from WorkRecords, a large-scale provider of labor management technology serving the hotel, restaurant, healthcare, warehouse distribution, and other service-worker-heavy industries.

Unmatched Granularity and Accuracy of Data

WorkRecords' 10+ years of experience and software infrastructure has been used by hundreds of thousands of workers—this time-tested granularity is the vital reason why WCP can easily identify and facilitate the distribution of funds.

To Millions of Workers

WCP technology has been built using Microsoft Power Platform and Azure Cloud infrastructure to provide scalability for the millions of workers who have been recently laid off.


Join The Movement

WCP welcomes financial assistance and services from organizations, partners, and funding groups who desire to participate in its most vital project - immediate emergency funds to help workers in crisis.

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