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Become a Verified Employer

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How Do We Get Started?

Step 1

Employer Initiates Company Access

By clicking the Get Started link, the authorized employer contact requests access by inputting the company name and the contact information for the WCP primary administrator.

Step 2

Employer Uploads Company Data

Using a link emailed to the WCP Administrator (from Step 1), the following information is entered: basic company information, locations, and list of workers impacted by COVID-19. Uploads using an Excel template are available to assist businesses adding multiple locations or several employees.

That's it! The worker is added to the Work Connect Project database and becomes eligible for assistance.

What's Next?

Work Connect Project Verifies Employer

The WCP team verifies the business entity. This is generally completed quickly through online resources but may include a quick call with the WCP primary administrator for smaller companies or companies that have not been in business very long.

Workers are Invited to Participate

After the WCP verifies the employer, the worker is sent an invitation to participate. The limited worker data uploaded by employers is held in a staging area and not accessed by the WCP for any purpose other than to invite/verify workers.

Worker Chooses to Participate

The worker clicks on a link in the WCP invitation to confirm their desire to participate. This will trigger a welcome email to be sent to the worker to allow them to officially register. If the worker does not respond to the invitation: the worker's information will not be included in the WCP database, the worker will not be eligible to receive emergency funds, and the worker will not have the option to opt-in to receive communications about work opportunities or other available services.

Worker Completes Registration

The worker clicks on the link in the welcome email, chooses a password for their account and confirms/populates their information. This information provided/confirmed by the worker enables the worker to now be eligible to receive emergency funds and they can opt-in to receive communications about work opportunities and other services.

Introduction & Instruction Video for Employers

WCP's Three Key Differentiators & Steps to Success

Employer Upload

WCP-verified employers upload the name, email address and the employee ID (or last 4 digits of the Social Security Number) of their former workers. Having former employers upload their employees certifies that each worker in the database is truly eligible to be included in any distribution of emergency funds.

Worker Confirmation

Via this portal, workers confirm their former employer, workplace, and job title, and enter their personal contact information.

Donor Fund Specification & Distribution

Donors and organizations may designate custom groups of workers for distribution of their donated funds. Custom recipient groups may be composed of any combination of former employer, workplace location, job title, state, city, zip code and industry vertical. Once a group of workers has been selected, a desired amount of funds can be determined and transferred to their individual worker PayPal accounts, along with a corresponding message naming the donor by name or as anonymous. PayPal's proven system is both secure and easy for workers to use.


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