How to Join the Work Connect Project Platform & Get Help

Encourage Your Employer to Register with Work Connect Project

Attention Workers:

Our platform requires your employers to register with Work Connect Project in order for you to receive funds. It is free, convenient, and immediately possible for your employer to do so.

Please send your employer to the Work Connect Project Employer Portal to register their business and their workers - including you!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

How to Join the Work Connect Project Platform

Former Employer Verification

Workers must first be verified by former employers before they can have an account on the WCP platform. WCP-verified employers upload the name, email address and the employee ID (or last 4 digits of the Social Security Number) of their former workers.

Worker Information Confirmation

Via this portal, workers confirm their former employer, workplace, and job title, and enter their personal contact information.

How to Receive Emergency Funds

Note: For workers to be included in Work Connect Project, their former employer must begin the process by uploading workers' information. If your employer has not uploaded your information, contact them and ask them to do so by directing them to this website.

Before receiving any emergency funds, the 2 steps above must be completed.

Then, workers will qualify as a "legitimized recipient" of emergency funds. When a particular group of workers is selected by donors to receive emergency funds, those funds will be distributed to individual worker accounts, along with a corresponding email message.